Tomislav Đorđević

“Someone must have slandered Josef K., for one morning, without having done anything truly wrong, he was arrested.”

Franz Kafka, “The Trial”


Not a self-proclaimed, but a true patriot

I have known Mr. Tomislav Đorđević for over 11 years that I have been working at Yuco Hemija doo, where I am currently Managing Director.

I was admitted to the company as a graduated chemical engineer with no prior work experience, at a time when in most companies where the management was set up along party lines, it was forbidden to employ people displaced from Kosovo. As we were refugees from Vukovar who were subsequently exiled from Pristina, and my five-member family came to Novi Sad with no property, to live in a rented apartment on only one wage – and a minimal wage at that, this job represented a blessing for all of us, and for me personally the need to repay the trust put in me.

In a work collective where the employee is not valued according to ethnicity, religion, party affiliation, physical attributes, but only and exclusively according to their own knowledge, skills, commitment and contribution made to the development of the company, it was a pleasure learning the ropes from a teacher such as Mr. Đorđević.

Maturing as an engineer and a manager, I got to know Mr. Tomislav Đorđević as a man of superior energy, which he always transmits to the people around him.

He is excellent as a person, engineer, and manager. He has ideas and always knows how to realise them. Business success makes him sincerely happy, most of all when the joy is shared with employees who enjoy working and are happy that they are contributing to that success.

He is not a self-proclaimed, but a true patriot who invests in the business in his country, which I particularly value.

His criticisms relating to the mistakes in one’s work, though harsh, are easy to accept, because they are excellent lessons.

We have worked together in hard times, fighting many obstacles, with no support from any government, with our own means, but always meeting our obligations to the employees, to the suppliers and to the state, with a large dose of social responsibility and business ethics.

I am deeply upset by the realization that it is possible that a man who contributes so much to society, working conscientiously and honestly, away from crime, away from politics, devoted to work, can be publicly crucified, and sentenced before the verdict.

This realization shakes to the ground the value system in which I believe, but the strength and energy of Mr. Đorđević and his entire family in the fight for truth puts me back on track and gives me new strength to continue fighting for my goals.

Damjan Korda

1999-2010. YUCO-HEMIJA DOO – all positions from production engineer to managing director

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