Tomislav Đorđević

“Someone must have slandered Josef K., for one morning, without having done anything truly wrong, he was arrested.”

Franz Kafka, “The Trial”


Business visionary

I met Tomislav Đorđević in 1980 when he came to buy computers from Delta for the Urban Planning Institute in Šid.

At our first meeting I did not think that the commission would evolve so quickly. Over the next few months, the most cutting-edge Delta computer was delivered and installed.

All of my colleagues who went to Šid, the Insitute for Urban Planning, were impressed by the rapid introduction of the computer into work. We were all taken aback by Toma’s professional zeal and information technology vision.

Two years later, Tomislav joins Delta. He opens a branch office in Novi Sad, employing highly skilled staff and business success soon follows. The number of installed Delta’s computers rapidly expands across the most significant industries of Vojvodina.

Tomislav accepts a new challenge, the export of computers in the COMECON countries (Central and Eastern Europe). While traveling and working around the clock, he forms a team for technical support of major projects in the USSR, the Czech Republic and Poland. Months of hard work, absence from home and family and forgoing a comfortable life, result in first major exports.

Selfless sacrifice and tremendous work in the Russian market aren’t difficult for Tomislav. With the knack of a business visionary, he pushes forward creating outstanding references. The export of Delta’s systems to the great Russian market provides great stability to by now Iskra Delta. Tomislav’s uniqueness is manifested through incredible working energy, unfaltering rationality and determination, at the same time coupled with modesty.

Although 30 years have passed since our first meeting, he still has enormous enthusiasm for work and business vision. In spite of many work commitments, he always makes time for family and friends.
With his cheerful disposition and positive energy he gives a special tone to each encounter.

It was a pleasure to work in the same company with Tomislav.

Đorđe Mitrović

Iskra Delta

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