Tomislav Đorđević

“Someone must have slandered Josef K., for one morning, without having done anything truly wrong, he was arrested.”

Franz Kafka, “The Trial”


We are all proud of his success

In 1965 the Mechanical-Technical High School was opened in Vranje. In the first year, i.e. the first generation, some sixty students were enrolled. In the school year 1968/1969 approximately fifty students of the first generation graduated. First-generation students of this school were from Vranje and the surrounding places and a few were from Leskovac and the surrounding places. We were all from average or less affluent families, i.e. rural or working class families. All of us wanted to obtain professional education as soon as possible in order to start working as quickly as possible and thereby make an independent living.

In the first year already a number of students began to stand out with their commitment and desire to learn more about technical science so that they would use this knowledge later in their work and life.

Among these students, our friend Tomislav Đorđević particularly excelled. In addition to the school curriculum, he started to take an interest in professional literature, which he studied with the help of our teachers. His interest however did not rest only with technics but he also started to take an interest in other fields. Even as a teenager he had a vision of how to further improve himself and what he wanted to achieve in life.

As such, with exceptional intellect, creative vision and life goals, he was much liked among friends. He distinguished himself with his modesty, hard work, friendship and a desire to help everyone within his capacity. He showed understanding for everyone. Even today when we meet, there is great camaraderie and friendship, which was already created in high school as our most valuable asset.

In our generation, we had ten or so engineers, ten or so army officers, while the rest were machine technicians. We were all good and exemplary workers and family people. Most of us have prospered at work and based on our effort and self-improvement made it to management positions. But still, the greatest success across the board was achieved by Tomislav Đorđević. All of us in his generation are proud of his success because we know he has achieved it through his expertise, work and vision.

First generation students of the Mechanical-Technical High School in Vranje.

Krstić Božidar

Krstić Zorica

Momčilović Ljubica

Jaćimović Branislav

Popović Novica

Pešić Miodrag

Pešić Pavle

Jović Staniša

Živković Vladimir

Stamenković Milivoje


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