Tomislav Đorđević

“Someone must have slandered Josef K., for one morning, without having done anything truly wrong, he was arrested.”

Franz Kafka, “The Trial”


Mr. Tomislav Đorđević, businessman and a good man

In March 1995 I started working at YUCO group, the group of companies founded by Mr. Tomislav Đorđević. A corporation extremely well organized, with the exact split of authority and responsibility, i.e. it is established who does what and what they’re responsible for. I cannot say that since then I haven’t also had job offers from other companies. I have, but by working in the company of Mr. Tomislav Đorđević I realized that this is exactly the company I wish to work for.

Mr. Đorđević requires order, work and discipline. Why? Because he himself works harder than others. Very determined, quick to make decisions and constantly leading forward. He taught his associates, including myself of course, never to approach a task with the attitude “I cannot do it”, but “I must, I shall, I’ll try”.

He fared well across different sectors: in banking, retail, manufacturing etc. Every job that he took on he enriched, expanded, hired new employees. He possesses a wealth of knowledge, always active, full of energy. As a law graduate with extensive work experience in the legal profession, in the beginning I was surprised how knowledgeable Mr. Đorđević is about rules and regulations. Later on, I realized that this is not a coincidence but a result of his broad sphere of interest and determination to work in accordance with the law. In his company, salaries and all that that is due to the employee, taxes and contributions, are regularly paid. And that is the imperative that we all abide by.

His company provides scholarships, employment and offers opportunities to young professionals. Many young people who have started to work as fresh graduates, and had the will to work and learn, are today in management positions in his company.

He is always ready to help. He participated and continues to participate in countless humanitarian activities, he contributed to many constructions, built churches, while never wanting to stand out.

He is simply an example of a good businessman, a visionary, a good Man. We could only wish to have more such people.

Mirjana Srijemac

Managing director, DTD Ribarstvo

’95. – ‘97. Yuco Hemija doo Head of Legal, Human Resources and Admin department

‘97. – ‘98. Yuco Electronics doo General Manager

‘98. – ‘02. Yuco Hemija doo Head of Legal, Human Resources and Admin department

‘03. – ‘08. Yuco Hemija doo General Manager

‘08. – date DTD Ribarstvo doo General Manager


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