Tomislav Đorđević

“Someone must have slandered Josef K., for one morning, without having done anything truly wrong, he was arrested.”

Franz Kafka, “The Trial”


A letter to Mr.Tomislav Đorđević!

I worked in the Serbian army for thirty-two years as a professional soldier – officer, when I was pensioned with a high rank. During my time there, I cooperated with many different types of people, both army colleagues and associates outside the structures of the army. I developed many contacts, both business and private ones, some of them eventually developed into friendships, but never influencing professionallity at work.

My personal feeling was that i was pensioned earlier than necessary, due to “needs of service”, and I resolved to work further and to present my knowledge and experience outside the Army and to compare the manner of work in the army with the manner of work in other structures, and if possible transfer my experience to younger and less experienced colleagues.

Very soon, I was given a chance to accomplish my goal and wish in DTD RIBARSTVO LLC. While acquainting myself with the type and scope of business in investment maintenance, where I was told that I may freely state my opinion regarding the situation and needs for improvement, I started to make a detailed analysis and comprised an action plan.

At the first meeting, you, Mr. Tomislav Đorđević, as president of the company, offered me to present my view and the action plan in full. You expressed interest in my suggestions and accepted them completely, stating that “Funds will be earmarked for investments since they will improve production”.

During my work in the investment maintenance sector, and later on, during the construction of new facilities, the fish feed factory, the fish processing factory and other facilities, your relation, Mr. Tomislav Đorđević, as employer and myself as employee was always proper i.e. it was professional, and not injuring my dignity. My suggestions and proposals were taken into consideration, and possible discrepancies were solved on the basis of mutual compromise.

As mistakes, unintentional and accidental, may occur in each process of work, it happened to me as well. Even in those situations, you, Mr. Tomislav Đorđević, through your suggestions, strived to overcome them, and to continue our work and cooperation. This relationship, you, Mr. Tomislav, have towards other employees as well and I do not know of anyone complaining about incorrect or unprofessional behaviour.

Your relationship towards me and my work and myself personally was correct and professional, which is why we are working from February 1, 2007 until today. If it had not been so, I would not work in DTD RIBARSTVO LLC today, because this work is not my only source of income, and even if this was the case, I would not let myself be discriminated against in any way.

Even now, while you are temporary prevented to lead the company directly, I wish you to overcome successfully all that you are up against. You have my full support, if it may help you in any way at all. I would like you to continue with the realization of your ideas for advancement of the company and the investments that were planned.

Veselin Ristić


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