Tomislav Đorđević

“Someone must have slandered Josef K., for one morning, without having done anything truly wrong, he was arrested.”

Franz Kafka, “The Trial”



Following the arrests in August 2010 the media (B92Večernje novostiBlicPolitika, PressVečernje novosti) published claims that Tomislav Đorđević founded a private institute for court expertise for his daughter Tijana and how this institute issued court expert statements in the case of Agroživ.

It is further alleged that it was the expertise of this institute which formed the basis for indictment of Agroživ leaders, and that one of the plaintiffs in this court case (claiming damages of more than 350 million dinars) is Meridian Bank, led by Tomislav Đorđević.

The truth

The Institute for Court Expertise in Novi Sad was founded in the 1970s.

It was privatised through public auction on 18 October 2007. At the time of the privatisation of the institute Tomislav Đorđević did not own any shares in Meridian Bank the sale of his shares was completed on the Belgrade Stock Exchange in September 2006.

During the time that Tomislav Đorđević managed Meridian Bank, the bank did not approve a single loan to Agroziv. Loans that are subject of the compensation claim by Meridian Bank Credit Agricole Group actually date from after the departure of Tomislav Đorđević from the bank.

From the above it is clear that neither Tomislav Đorđević nor his daughter Tijana Đorđević could have had any conflict of interest when it comes to the trial against the managers of Agroživ, and were certainly not able to provide court expert testimonies in their own favour, as presented in some media.

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