Tomislav Đorđević

“Someone must have slandered Josef K., for one morning, without having done anything truly wrong, he was arrested.”

Franz Kafka, “The Trial”


Tomislav Đorđević was born in 1950 in Beloljin and grew up in Vranje, where he finished elementary school and the mechanical-technical high school, as the best student.

He studied in Zagreb, Kragujevac and Novi Sad. His broad expertise in various fields was gained through tireless work and constant learning. In his career he has achieved success in engineering, information technology, foreign trade, manufacturing, banking and agriculture.

Even in state-owned companies, where he worked prior to starting his own business, he gave himself to each venture as if working for himself and demanded the highest standards of himself and others around him. He was always ahead of his time and constantly thought of ways to improve the business he was in and create new opportunities. Often his environment had no understanding for his forward-looking ideas, but he never gave up.

As a 25 year-old he was already the technical director of the edible oil factory “Mladost” in Šid, and four years later he became Managing Director of the Institute of Urban Development in the same town. His progressive spirit was apparent even in those late seventies, when he insisted on using information technology wherever possible.

His abilities were noticed by IT experts from Iskra Delta, who hired him to establish and manage their office for Vojvodina. In Iskra Delta he soon became assistant general manager for exports to the socialist block in Europe and China.

In 1989, as the Serbian economy was liberalised, he ventured into entrepreneurship. By the mid-nineties his companies employed hundreds of people. He built factories, created new jobs and implemented a policy of choosing local suppliers wherever possible. He gave special importance to the employment and training of young people. The development of his companies was marked by continuous technological innovation. Whatever he earned was reinvested in new projects and ideas.

From 2001 he dedicated himself completely to the development of Meridian bank. Through introduction of modern information and communication technologies before other banks, and the development of streamlined decision making processes, he built one of the most efficient and profitable banks in Serbia. Following the sale of Meridian Bank to the French bank Credit Agricole, he reinvested his capital in Serbia and moved to new challenges. Everything that he created in the past 20 years he did without the help of the state or politics.

The roots of his current problems can be found precisely in his decision in 2006 to participate in the privatisation process. It soon became evident that in this area normal commercial standards and equality of contractual parties do not apply. The rules of the game are arbitrarily determined by the state, both as the seller of capital and also the controller and arbiter of the same process.

Here you can find some newspaper articles about the work of his companies and examples of his social responsibility.

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