Leads by example
In 1977 I worked at the oil factory “Mladost“ in Šid as equipment mechanic. That is when I met Tom Đorđević who was at that time a young and promising engineer, and already a technical director of one such factory. I am not able to remember how much time we were spending at the production plant, but I know that we were often joining nights and days of installing equipment just arrived from Russia, and Đorđević was almost always there with us. If he was not currently present, he would unavoidably come by to inspect the equipment installed in his absence in order to avoid any errors creeping up.

He distinguished himself as a capable and hard-working expert, which he proved on many occasions. He enjoyed high confidence from workers – although he demanded work, he always found ways to further motivate us to complete work as planned. He didn’t hesitate to sanction slackness, I remember that I was on several occasions close to being sanctioned even though I was not directly responsible but I was part of a team.

For his human qualities I have only words of praise, as many times he acted as a great man especially when it was necessary to take the side of us ordinary workers, and not only us but also his close associates.

After his departure from the company, I must admit, nothing was the same anymore.

Since then I have not had contact with him, all I heard about his future work and success seemed like a fairy tale.

I heard that he has two daughters who been educated abroad, and that they are following in his footsteps.
All in all, I was lucky and honored to have worked and met one such man who always set the example both as a man as and as a manager.

Jovan Cvetković

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