Yuco group of companies
In 1989 Tomislav Đorđević became a private entrepreneur and established the "Yuco" holding in Novi Sad. Its core business was in IT services, general import and export and production of consumer goods.

IT: He designed, sold, exported and maintained flexible software solutions and information systems for PCs. His success in this field was recognized in the book "Top 10 in Vojvodina" by an independent association of journalists in 1992.

Production: He built and launched production facilities for sand-paper, washing powder, detergents and other chemical products. In 1997 he opened the production plant for "Multiactiv" skin care products, a brand which is now well known in Serbia. The production company "Yuco hemija" has won several awards, including "Business Partner 2005" which is awarded for ethics in business.

Import-export: From 1993 to 2000 he managed the Yuco holding from London, where he went with his family after the raid of the "White Eagles" paramilitaries on his house near Novi Sad. He represented Yuco abroad and led import and export for Yuco and other companies. He coordinated the financing and construction of the Druzhba hotel complex in Moscow (ca. 70,000 m2).

In 2000 companies of the Yuco group were placed on the White List of the EU as unconnected with the Milošević regime. As such they were able to freely trade with the EU.

Tomislav Đorđević was member of the first board of directors of the Chamber of Commerce of Serbia, elected after the fall of Milošević. He was also a board member of the Faculty of Technology in Novi Sad between 2000 and 2002.

The following people tell us about Tomislav’s work in this period: Slavoljub Pajkić, Stanka Radaković, Zlatica Nikačević, Mirjana Srijemac, Dragutin Čop, Damjan Korda, Gordana Tešić, «Tomić» Printing, Mirjana Soro, Ferenc Kasa, Brane Pajić, Dragan Kosanović, Živojin Janić, Dušan Bokić, Geza Bleskanj, Zdravko Josipović, Veselin Šibul, Ivan Kopić, Robert Hep, Branislav Rosić, Radivoje Nikačević and Aleksandar Divljak.

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