Social Responsibility
Over the past two decades Tomislav Đorđević (both personally and through his companies) has supported various organisations:

Help for the disadvantaged
  • National Kitchen in Kosovska Mitrovica
  • Association of the Disabled of Vojvodina - Novi Sad unit
  • International organisation IAN
  • Humanitarian organisation Košnica
  • Kraljica Marija humanitarian centre
  • Country of the Living humanitarian association
  • Health Center Novi Sad
  • Red Cross in Šid
  • Circle of Serbian Sisters
  • Help for citizens of Kraljevo after the earthquake - temporary accommodation
  • Rehabilitation houses for drug sddicts at Kovilj monastery etc.

Help for children
  • Zmaj children's games
  • Student grants
  • Happy Childhood Novi Sad
  • Children's Heart
  • Children's Rehabilitation Novi Sad etc.

Help for educational institutions, sports and culture
  • Nikola Tesla fund
  • Technical School Smederevo
  • Faculty of Agriculture, University of Belgrade
  • International Association of Music Lovers in Belgrade
  • Cultural centre Milica Stojadinović Srpkinja
  • Football Association of Serbia
  • Mladost football club
  • Mountaineering club “Poštar” Novi Sad
  • Novi Sad Bridge Club
  • Carp fishing competition “Rebox”
  • Danube Golden stew competition etc.

Support for churches and religious communities
  • Construction of the chapel in Bački Jarak
  • Construction of the temple of the Holy Virgin in Bački Jarak
  • Construction of the mosque in Subotica
  • Donation for the construction of the Temple of Saint Sava
  • Donation to the Catholic Church in Gibarac
  • Donation to the Kovilj monastery
  • Donations for the restoration Chilandar monastery
  • Donation to the Lazarica temple in Sid
  • Donation to the Church municipality in Bukovac
  • Donation to the Velika Remeta monastery
  • Donation to the Church municipality of Srpski Miletić
  • Donation to the Diocese of Bačka
  • Donation to the Sremski Karlovci seminary
  • Donation to the Belgrade seminary etc.

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