Seeks challenges in the pursuit of new ideas
I have worked with Tomislav Đorđević as designer of production process technology for fish processing for the past three years.

Over the last 30-40 years numerous forums have been held in our country on how to increase fish production and to increase its share in the diet of our population. According to various studies, our country is in the last place in terms of quantity of fish we eat (2.4 to 4 kg per capita per year). The European average is about 14.5 kg per capita per year. This information is astonishing since it is widely known that our country has the best water resources for fish production in Europe. When you also take into account that in spite of how little fish is consumed by our population, huge amounts of money are spent for importing fish, then every normal person starts wondering what it is that we are doing at all, and what do we want to do with our economy. Politicians are always going on about the fight for exports, while the primary goal should be the substitution of imports for everything that can be produced in Serbia.
In numerous conversations with Mr. Đorđević, I have heard about his desire to work on something underdeveloped, something that no one has seriously engaged in, not counting the traditional small producers. He opted for fish – from fish farming to the final product, with major investments in improving production standards and food safety. He has invested great efforts to implement his vision, from overhauling derelict fish ponds, to building a fish feed factory and a fish processing factory, which has been certified by the veterinary inspection of the European Union. His efforts have already started yielding positive results and he started to export fish feed made from grain harvested from local farmland. His aspiration was to reduce fish imports and to achieve the holy grail – the export of fish products, which is now at the level of a statistical error.

Over the past 40 years I have had the opportunity to work with various investors in the food production industry (products of animal origin – meat, fish, milk). Frankly, I have never seen a more capable person set foot in this industry. It was a great fortune for this country that one such businessman, who has a proven track record in other industries and possesses vast experience and knowledge of trends in the world, recognized this activity as one of Serbia’s many opportunities to succeed. Most of our businessmen have chosen the way of simple trade and easy profits. By contrast Mr. Đorđević is a man who looks for a challenge in the implementation of new ideas.

Many designers, architects, consultants and contractors have been engaged on Mr. Đorđević’s projects. There has not been a single case of unprofessional behavior towards anyone. We are talking about a large number of both smaller and larger companies and a large number of participants - workers who through these projects realized the basic need to work and receive a salary.

Mr. Đorđević is an entrepreneur with exemplary business practices. Our country needs to animate and bring together such capable businessman coming from this region, who are able to launch programs for which there are realistic, and not political conditions.

Ljubivoje Nikolić, mechanical engineer

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