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Tomislav Đorđević is a businessman who, after decades of transparent and legal entrepreneurship in Serbia, had his property rights and basic human rights breached by the very institutions that are supposed to uphold them.

After suing the Serbian state for damages sustained in the privatisation process, he was arrested and falsely accused in contrived criminal proceedings.

Through collusion of the executive power, the police, the "reformed" judiciary and the media, on 6 August 2010 Tomislav Đorđević was arrested for alleged abuse of office, publicly pronounced guilty, and detained for months in unjustified pre-trial detention. Although formal charges were pressed on 3 February 2011, the trial has not yet begun.

We hope to achieve public scrutiny of this case by publishing documents from the commercial disputes between Tomislav Đorđević and the Privatisation Agency, as well as the criminal proceedings against him. The site also responds to other false accusations in the Serbian media.

This website aims not only to highlight the many peculiarities of this case, but also to explain the workings of a system which allows for independent, professional and hard working people find themselves at the mercy of their own state.
06/25/2014Ribarsko gazdinstvo – criminal proceeding. Tomislav Đorđević receives a summons for the first day of trial and the Appellate Court’s Decision dated 01/29/2014 about jurisdiction of the High Court in Belgrade. The trial date is postponed due to a strike of the Bar Association of Serbia. All presented documentation as well as all statements of participants in the process will be published at this web site.
06/12/2014Ribarsko gazdinstvo – criminal proceeding. Tomislav Đorđević submitted an appeal to the Constitutional Court, after the High Court in Belgrade has not considered his objections to the change of legal qualification by the Prosecutor on 05/14/2010.
06/04/2014The Appellate Court in Belgrade has confirmed the order of detention of Tomislav Đorđević after 3 years and 6 months, by finally ruling on his appeal against detention from 12/06/2010.
04/16/2014Hotel Prag – criminal proceeding. Tomislav Đorđević receives an unnamed document dated 30/05/2013, with which the Prosecutor’s Office notifies the High Court in Belgrade about the “change” of legal qualification in the criminal investigation from 2011, by eliminating one word, and adding another.
03/24/2014Ribarsko gazdinstvo – criminal proceeding. Tomislav Đorđević and his lawyers submit their replies to the unnamed document issued by the Prosecutor’s Office in Belgrade, about the “change” of the indictment from 2010.
03/11/2014Hotel Prag – criminal proceeding. The Appellate Court in Belgrade refuses the appeals of Tomislav Đorđević and his legal representatives from 03/03/2014.
03/06/2014Ribarsko gazdinstvo – criminal proceeding. Tomislav Đorđević receives an unnamed document dated 14.05.2013., which the Prosecutor’s Office informs the High Court in Belgrade that it has changed “change” the legal qualification in the indictment from 2010, by deleting one word.

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