Tomislav Đorđević

“Someone must have slandered Josef K., for one morning, without having done anything truly wrong, he was arrested.”

Franz Kafka, “The Trial”


A successful and capable businessman

A retrospective of long-standing acquaintance and business cooperation with Mr. Tomislav Đorđević:
In this manner I want to express my personal dissatisfaction and disagreement with those who through their decisions have put a stop to all the planned investments into construction of production plants and new technologies of Mr. Tomislav Đorđević, a capable and successful businessmen in our Municipality of Temerin.

I met Mr. Tomislav Đorđević mid- 1992 when I was hired as supervisor of the construction of YUCO HEMIJA manufacturing plants (approx. 6000m2 of operational surface), which goes to show that at that time he was already on an upward curve as a successful entrepreneur. I know for certain, as does everyone involved in the construction of his investments in locations across Serbia, that he has the ability to recognize and select the right business projects. He would always plan the investments well with his associates, complete them using his own funds for the construction and equip them with the most advanced technologies. He has always employed young people in manufacturing as well as management, who always had the opportunity to prove themselves through hard work and advance in their profession.

As an entrepreneur from the Municipality of Temerin, I can say that over the past few difficult years (in terms of finding work and having the certainty of getting paid for it, paying taxes and social contributions), the investment of DTD Ribarstvo in the period 2008-2011 was one of the largest on the territory of Vojvodina and employed a large number of companies from our municipality and beyond, thus providing security and livelihood of our families.

Through his successful business, Mr. Tomislav Đorđević has helped a number of sports organizations and donated to the construction of Orthodox churches and the restoration of some Fruška Gora monasteries. I am deeply convinced that such entrepreneurs should be supported and enabled to progress in business, because with this kind of successful people, the rest of us can be successful and happy too.

Brane Pajić, construction engineer

Entrepreneur from the Municipality of Temerin

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