Tomislav Đorđević

“Someone must have slandered Josef K., for one morning, without having done anything truly wrong, he was arrested.”

Franz Kafka, “The Trial”


Success through conscientious work

I think that throughout my whole life I have been trying to forget all the bad and the ugly things in life, and leave memories of events and people who have meant something positive for my life.

I always remember the period at YUCO with joy, and when at times of leisure, I turn back the clock, I come to the following truths:

  • It is wonderful to be in “stormy times” admitted to a company that wants to progress
  • It is fortune to meet the majority of young people joined together by the idea of Mr. T. Đorđević – “Always forward, no standing still”
  • Being a visionary at the time when total chaos reigned – was only possible to those who were looking into the future.

I think that Njegoš said or wrote (I do not know the quote) “More was seen by one on the hill, than the one on the hillside.”

The meaning fully applies to Mr. T Đorđević and certainly his unreserved support in all his decisions, Mrs. Natalija.

A man, an expert and visionary, with enormous energy to create new value, i.e. new products. He was total motivation to all his associates who have participated in the building of YUCO HEMIJA, to those of a more “mature” age as to the young people who could only learn how to succeed with dedication and conscientious work.

The only (or almost only) investments in Serbia (at the time of trade embargo, NATO) were in YUCO HEMIJA and in production, and not trade. The results are visible in the factories in Bački Jarak, as well as parts of the company where something new is being created.

Dragutin Čop, MEng technology

1992-2002 YUCO-HEMIJA Head of Research and Development

Were the mother of Mrs. Natalija able to say something today, she would quote Njegoš

«Pašćad grize, ali po tleh gmiže, sam sur oro pod nebo se diže» (to the Đorđević family)

«Tvrd je orah voćka čudnovata, ne slomi ga a zube polomi» (To Mr. T Đorđević – son in law)

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