Tomislav Đorđević

“Someone must have slandered Josef K., for one morning, without having done anything truly wrong, he was arrested.”

Franz Kafka, “The Trial”


Ready to listen, to give advice, to help

My name is Dušan Bokić. I was born in 1953 in Bački Jarak. Since 1991, I am the owner of the independent craftsman shop ALFA PLAST, and in 2004 I founded a company under the same name. The company ALFA PLAST was successfully operating until the end of 2008 when it employed 65 employees and had a turnover of about EUR 2.000.000. Our business is the manufacture of metal constructions, metal works and plumbing works.

The beginning of my career as entrepreneur is tied to cooperation with Mr. Tomislav Đorđević and the company YUCO. We were engaged in the construction of production plant and warehouses in Bački Jarak, where, in the place of a former junkyard, a little town with dozens of buildings was constructed, where several hundreds of employees worked, mostly from the municipality of Temerin.

The cooperation with Mr. Tomislav Đorđević, which has continued up to the present moment, gave a real impetus to my company’s development. Beside the aforementioned jobs regarding the facilities of YUCO, our cooperation continued during the construction of facilities for DTD Ribarstvo.

As an entrepreneur, I have learnt a lot from working with Tomislav Đorđević, the engineers from his company and his other employees.

I know Mr. Đorđević as an extraordinary businessman who keeps his word, and who demands a professional behaviour towards the jobs that he entrusted us as investor. He fulfilled all of his obligations on time, while demanding maximum adherence to the agreed terms and quality.

Businessmen from the Municipality of Temerin who have worked with Mr. Đorđević express extreme admiration and respect towards him. Dozens of small companies and craftsman shops have worked with Yuco and DTD Ribarstvo, and Tom made an effort to give everybody a chance. On his initiative, we started to create an Association of Entrepreneurs from our Municipality with the aim to help each other in these times of crisis; to commence solving issues that are important for our Municipality, and mainly how to employ our orkers and our capacities during the crisis. Around forty businessmen unanimously supported his ideas and the initiative that he started.

As a citizen of the Municipality of Bački Jarak, I can say the following:

No one, who has been born in Bački Jarak since the war, has done more for this place than Tomislav Đorđević. Besides the fact that he made an industrial plant and employed several hundreds of Municipality citizens, Mr. Tom is a great philanthropist. With his partners and employees he built the church and the chapel, tidied illegal garbage dumps, assisted sporting activities, helped the school, the folklore society, and took part in numerous activities that were organized in our People’s Assembly and the Municipality.
Tomislav Đorđević is man who wants to listen, to give advice, to assist, to help one in solving a problem rationally, to give away an idea for free. Because of such qualities he is respected among businessmen and inspires admiration, never envy or jealousy.

I Dušan Bokić, entrepreneur from Temerin, know this Tomislav Đorđević, energetic, just and strict when it comes to work, and I think we all lack that a little bit.

Dušan Bokić, engineer




April 7, 2011

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